A heart for C.

A heart for C 2D One day, C. went on a trip abroad and left me a message on the fridge which inspired me to make her a heart of Lego. The first version was a two-dimensional heart.  But hold on, Lego is a three-dimensional thing.


Lund, A heart for C
I had just bought my first batch of second-hand Lego so my options were limited. There were enough bricks in red for one side, but the other had to remain partially white.
20150307 155124 Lund, A heart for C with smile 2.

Build it yourself

If you need some help to build the 3D heart, then download the building instructions here. The zip contains an XL sheet with the list of pieces, a small website that shows you how to construct the heart and the design of the heart in LEGO Digital Designer format. You can download the program here (for free)